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The secret to addressing North Korea’s corona is leaked

Death in geometric rate, how to protect the end of the world?
Coronavirus has taken away one and a half million lives in just three months. When the news of the first death came on January 22, no one could have imagined the situation would be so dire. It took two and a half months to drop the death toll to 50,000. Then in just two weeks, 1 million people died. The coronavirus will stop living with a lot of questions now and how many lives will stop.

17 April Report

The corona virus is very very dangerous Where the whole world; Silly North Korea there.when the developing countries do not take the virus to stop virus. North Korea’s pyangyang continues to test missile one by one. Although the patient is notified in almost all Countries or regions of the world, China’s neighbor North Korea claims they are still not Corona-free. Which is mysterious to many now. When the developed countries of the world do not engage in the horrific death toll of the Corona virus,Just then North Korea is busy launching missiles. Countries such as Europe-America where traditionally frostbite coronavirus can handle the situation, North Korea tested nine missiles in four rounds last month. North Korea has launched a number of screw missiles in the Japanese Sea this month.Not just the missiles, the army is running. Pyongyang claims the Coronavirus could not hit North Korea long ago due to rigorous measures and precautions.

Pak Miyong Suu:

From the beginning we have been in a scientific way.The first in the world to detect coronavirus, We have quarantined all those who have entered the country.In addition, imported goods have been disinfected And have been marketed. Besides, no one was affected because I took steps such as speedy closing of borders and aviation.Due to Cavid 19 due to the violin status of the world’s health sector. Now fear that North Korea is hiding information, the rest of the world and the Corona virus thought the forehead had collapsed.

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