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The health of Ramadan! in lockdown, 14 essential tips to keep the body healthy

Locked down the house, a healthy body is needed to observe Ramadan properly.  And so, in addition to regular exercise, you need a nutritious food routine. It is also necessary to observe the routine of fasting in Ramadan.  Here are some important tips for you to observe Ramadan fast with a healthy and strong body in lockdown!

Take a look at what to do in this lockdown house health in Ramadan!

Here are some tips to keep you healthy during Ramadan, which is a house lockdown. Exercise and practice are needed to ensure good health during Ramadan:

  1. Start iftar with dates, which will give you instant energy.  Rehydrate yourself by drinking enough water.
  2. Fiber and protein will make you feel full for a long time – which is an important part of your diet plan.
  3. The right time to exercise in Ramadan is just before Iftar.  So, one or two hours before Iftar, do light exercise or yoga exercise to keep your body strong.
  4. Choose activities that require less physical exertion, but are beneficial.  For example, walking regularly for half an hour. It can be the best activities to maintain health in Ramadan!
  5. There is no need for heavy exercise to maintain good health during Ramadan.  Doing so can weaken your body and interfere with routine exercise over the next few days.  Do as much exercise as you can to maintain the routine.
  6. If there is a pain in the pain, or feeling weak, then take a break from exercise with that day.
  7. Even if you are physically perfect, remember that fasting in Ramadan can weaken your body a bit.  And so, create a menu of nutritious food to stay healthy during Ramadan.
  8. Do sehri regularly to protect your health during Ramadan.  If you have more sugary food than non-vegetarian food in Sehri, you will get necessary nutrition for the whole day.  Do not overeat. Drink enough water. If possible, keep 2/1 fruit in Sehri’s menu.

Use umbrella to ensure recovery of Ramadan in Lockdown –

  1. Ramadan will try not to stay outside as much as possible in the day of Dabdah. If it rains, then you will get out of the umbrella. If there is a wet-flutter-cough, it can be the obstacle to fasting.
  2. The important tips for maintaining a wellness of Ramadan is that it is not – do not eat food in the iftar ‘. Start with light food, eat more food feed food. Do not iftar about hours. Refrain from extra food. Avoid fried-burned foods as much as possible.
  3. Mars do not drink tea-coffee. This can cause water in the body. Drink different types of cold drinks in the tea-coffee.
  4. During the summon of the summary of the summits, the gathering of mango, jackfruit, Lichus, along with Bahari Fruit. The dessert menu can be sorted with health results.
  5. There is no alternative to water. Drink at least 8 glasses of water before you sleep, so that there is no water.
  6. You can walk outside for 15-20 minutes after iftar.

Many people can not fast if the holy Ramadan does not maintain well-being. So, follow these tips to stay healthy and stay in the Ramadan of this lockdown! Share now and make aware of love, friends, relatives and family members, and stay with us, get regular health information. Thank you.

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