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Skin problems from diabetes (Easy Treatment)

A recent study found that people who have diabetes and those who are on the verge of the disease are more likely to have skin problems.

In today’s report on diabetes and its effects on the skin, the largest organ of our body is the skin. Which covers the whole body.  Infections can occur in different forms in different parts of this huge organ.

Why this skin problem

Indian dermatologist said, Apratim Goel said that patients with diabetes suffer from skin diseases.  Outbreaks appear to be exacerbated during the summer months.

Skin problems from diabetes (Easy Treatment)

Everyone can get more or less skin diseases due to heat and humidity.  However, diabetes is also a factor in people with diabetes.  On the other hand, due to diabetes, the wound does not dry easily.  So the problem takes on complex shapes.  Also, those who have diabetes for a long time, their skin becomes drier than others and itching is seen.

Diabetes specialist said,  Pradeep Ghazi explains the matter in this way, “The high level of sugar in the blood gives the fungus a suitable environment to live in the skin.  As a result, fungi and other pathogens get a chance to live on the skin. ”

Dr.  Gazi also said that if the blood sugar level goes out of control, it affects the sebaceous glands and sweat glands of the skin.  The result is itchy hands and feet.  Which later helps to create a habitat for the fungus.


Experts say that patients with diabetes should have regular skin check-ups.  Every day you have to see if there is any kind of itching, boil, rash on the skin.

Especially in the areas of the skin where insulin is given. Blood sugar levels also need to be controlled to avoid skin diseases.  Experts say this is the best approach.  Moreover, diabetics have to follow the general rules like eating healthy food and exercising regularly.

If this does not work, then the medicine should be applied on the advice of a specialist doctor. Dr.  "Regular skin care can help prevent diabetes," said Goel.

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