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New 3 symptoms have been found in the coronavirus

Six months have passed since the coronavirus outbreak, but the rate has not dropped. On the contrary, there are reports of new infections every day. We first heard of coronavirus infection and six months have passed since then, only the cases are increasing at an alarming rate. According to official figures released by Johns Hopkins University, the number of infections exceeds 10 million and the death toll exceeds 500,000.

Medical experts are still trying to figure out how the virus attacks the body, with more and more new symptoms appearing every day. The US Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has added three new symptoms to its list of corona virus symptoms. This was reported by the Times of India-

Chest tightness and runny nose

One of the most common symptoms of coronavirus is a dry cough or runny nose. According to the latest research, chest tightness and runny nose have been observed as symptoms in patients in the early days of infection. In many cases, the virus spreads through the nose, which later leads to nasal infections and respiratory infections.


Probably one of the characteristics of corona virus is to hide or disguise itself.  Experts also say that symptoms such as nausea or constipation may be involved in mild infections.  For those who only experience gastrointestinal problems and do not get the treatment they need initially, it can get worse.  Abdominal pain, loss of appetite and loss of taste may also be associated with it.


Another gastrointestinal issue that should not be dismissed is diarrhea. It is known that corona virus, like other viral diseases, can attack the digestive system and make it unbalanced. In some cases, gastrointestinal problems slow down the healing process. If you have symptoms of diarrhea such as watery or frequent bowel movements, upset stomach or stomach problems for 3-4 days or other known symptoms of coronavirus, take preventive measures. This requires emergency treatment.

What are the other symptoms?

Dry cough, chronic fever, shortness of breath – these are the most common symptoms of corona virus. Some of the lesser known symptoms of the virus include headache, loss of sense of smell or taste, confusion, dizziness, eye flu, blue lips, severe cold, muscle aches, fatigue, etc. Studies have shown that the virus can behave differently in children and pregnant women.

Scientists are still trying to figure out how the virus attacks the body. As the list of symptoms of coronavirus grows, experts are trying to understand its severity. Although it was previously thought of as a respiratory virus. Now doctors are seeing that the virus can cripple the body in various ways. The virus is much more dangerous than we thought in the case of neurological replacement, degeneration and inflammatory attacks.

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