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Lockdown can affect hair and skin ! Let’s find out

Staying at home in a lockdown does not mean that your skin and hair need no extra care.Proper care needs to be taken to keep skin and hair healthy even at home.

In a report published on a beauty-related website, a dermatologist from Ahmedabad, India, Dr.  Mita Desai said, “Less exposure to sunlight on the skin means vitamin D deficiency.  Vitamin D deficiency can lead to acne, acne, cracked nails, hair loss, dirty skin, irritation, lack of sleep and peace of mind.  Vitamin D deficiency can lead to more serious skin problems such as cirrhosis. ”

Vitamin D obtained directly from sunlight is effective in keeping the body healthy.

Dr.  “The sunlight from the house is not enough because the house is air-conditioned to keep out the heat, so you can make it a habit to stand by the window or porch for 10 to 15 minutes to get vitamin D,” Desai said.

Mushrooms, fatty fish such as tuna, egg yolks, cheese, fruit juices, dairy foods, soy milk, etc. can be added to the diet to meet the needs of vitamin D.

Eggs. Pork. Ricotta Cheese. Mushrooms. Easy Health Point

Skin care should be taken at home even when in lockdown.  Because many times the air in the house is more polluted than the outside, Dr. thinks.  Desai.  So he advised to practice beauty at this time.

According to her, “Those who are not using any makeup at the moment are doing the best job.  That is why skin care cannot be given up. ”

“Regular skin cleansing and moisturizing should be kept in mind.  Use retinol, hydroxy acid and night cream to treat skin problems.  If necessary, take vitamins and antioxidants to eat, it will be good for the skin and hair. ”

Fashion and beauty blogger Dhwani Bajaj talks about some ways to take care of your skin while it is locked down in the heat.

Honey tightens the skin and keeps it moist.

 – Sugar exfoliates the skin.

 – Lemon removes toxins from the skin

Lock down hair care

Even at home, sweat and dead cells are created.  So shampoo should be done twice a week to keep the hair clean.  If you want to shampoo every day or frequently, use a mild shampoo, it will not dry the scalp.

Try to keep hair and scalp moist.  Hair conditioning cannot be omitted.  Packs and oil massages are beneficial in hair care.  Take care of your hair using natural ingredients like olive oil, aloe vera etc.

Any cosmetics and equipment will naturally try to dry hair. This decreases the problem of the flaw and damage. Leaving hair without open hair, rather lightly sleep. There are several more advice given by doctor locations to stay healthy during the lockdown: – Yoga exercises, meditators can not be kept under control. – Fried burning eating habits will be able to develop healthy foods. – Must refrain from alkalool. – Drink adequate water all day and stay moist. – Stay in work. If necessary, inspiration can be taken from different types of videos & healthy informations. – Ensure adequate and uninterrupted sleep. – Touch less as much as possible. It can be saved not only from Karonaviras but also from acne.

So, follow these tips to stay health and stay in the lockdown! Share now and make aware of love, friends, relatives and family members, and stay with us, get regular health information. Thank you.

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