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Important tips from scientist Dr. Bijan Kumar Sheel to survive corona

In 2003, a number of countries, including Singapore, were attacked by the SARS coronavirus-1, which has now turned into an epidemic. This is similar to SARS corona virus-1. The name of this virus is SARS Corona Virus 2. There are 82% matches of this virus with SERSS. Several countries with Singapore were terrified with Syrus virus, so the people are not so scared, so it is called Covid 19. In 2003, this microbiology was discovered by the Sargon-Coronovirus-1 system in Singapore. Bijan Kumar Shil.

Now let’s know that there are some important suggestions of Dr. Bijan Kumar Shil to live from Covid-19 or coronavirus.

Dr. Bijan Kumar Sheel says that it is possible to cure a patient infected with corona virus the first hyperimmune therapy or blood juice therapy. This therapy is now being used by many countries to treat corona patients.

We also need to prepare for this.He needs a lot of corona test inside the corona positive can be found.However, they did not show any signs of corona. They have to give plasma to the patient,The patient affected by corona will be healthy. 

However, according to Dr. Bijan Kumar Sheel, the best thing to do is to destroy the corona in the bud,one can easily recover so that one is not terribly affected by corona.

Dr. Bijan Kumar Sheel said that if any kind of sore throat or cough occurs, we should not wait any longer. There is no need to worry that it is not a coronavirus. Rather, the work that should be done from that moment is,Ginger and cloves together with a cup of tea together and eat a cup of tea with them, and eat it with a cup of tea together. It should be eaten in one cup at least three to four times a day. As a result, the cells will increase blood circulation in the inner cells, the cells will be strong. And the immunity of the cells will also increase. In most cases, cells will be able to prevent the Covid-19 virus to prevent him. People who do not have a sore throat or a cough should also take it at least twice a day on a regular basis.It will increase their immunity as well as those who can be gathered, Especially those who are in the village region will collect nymph.Those nymphate will be mixed with a little water, the greenery that the green-colored juice that will be out of piercing will be eaten with the hot water coronavirus.As a result, blood circulation in the neck cells will increase, immunities will increase. Which will be much more able to defeat coronavirus. We have already learned from various doctors that the coronavirus invades our throat and lungs, which means that at some point the lungs become waterlogged and the patient dies.Doctor Bijan Kumar Shila did not say this in three phases, that is, at first fire,That means there will be a cough in the throat.Then it goes to our Bronch Alvioli, it is the second stage,The last stage is the water in Broncon Alviology.Doctor Bijan Kumar Shil’s suggestion is to suppress Corona’s first stage or throat.And that is why he thinks that his ginger cloves and tea therapy and nymphatic therapy will be very effective.

In addition, he recommends taking 1 gram of vitamin C daily to boost immunity, There must be some amount of zinc with this vitamin-C. Only then will his therapy be effective.

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