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Healthy fruit: The best time to eat fruit. Let’s find out

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Although the fruit is beneficial for the body, it should be eaten at the right time.You should eat seasonal fruits just like you eat three meals a day.  However, the positive and negative effects of eating fruit will depend on the time.

Appropriate time:

Fruit is a natural food rich in vitamins, minerals, fiber and anti-oxidants.  And the Appropriate time to take in all these nutrients is in the morning.  This is because the digestive system in the morning can break down the sugars in the fruit quickly.  That is why it is easy to take in all the nutrients.

As a snack or light meal: Fruit can be a quick meal to satisfy the hunger of the tongue.  And as a snack, keep fruits away from ‘junk food’ or ‘fast food’.  So health will be good, will also help to lose weight.

Before and after exercise: Eating fruit before exercise will give the body the necessary energy immediately.  There is no better food than fruit to rejuvenate a tired body after exercise.  The result is less calories, more minerals and fiber, which is unique for recovering energy lost due to exercise.


Bad time to eat fruit

Before going to bed: This is the worst time to eat fruit.  This is because blood sugar levels do not rise before going to sleep.  Even dinner should be eaten at least two hours before bedtime.  Otherwise indigestion may occur.

Immediately after eating other foods: There should be an interval of at least half an hour between eating fruits and other foods.  This is because in this case also indigestion can occur and the nutritional value of the fruit will not be fully absorbed by the body.

In patients with diabetes this interval should be at least one hour before eating other foods and two hours after eating other foods.

With other foods: Eating mixed fruits slows down the digestion process.  That is, the fruit stays in the stomach for a long time.  Which can lead to ‘fermentation’ of the fruit.  As there is more fiber, it takes time for the fruit to be digested.  It is digested more slowly when mixed with other foods.

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