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Covid_19: Home Remedies for Sore Throat

what to eat with a sore throat? throat pain home remedies..

In addition to ginger-honey mixture or salt hot water, there are many foods that can help reduce sore throat ,sore throat and headache, sore throat covid, etc.

Corona virus, increased pollution, climate change, stress, etc. can cause sore throat. Some natural ingredients such as honey, garlic, rinsing in hot water, etc.

Home remedies and food help to reduce sore throat.

A report published on a food and nutrition website provides ideas for a few home remedies and foods to relieve sore throats.

1. Ginger tea: Ginger tea is the most effective way to reduce sore throat.  Although ginger tea bags are available in the market, you can boil water and mix fresh ginger powder in it.  Ginger is an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory ingredient that relieves phlegm and cold.  Its bioactive ingredient called gingerols enhances immunity.  As a result, problems like cold and sore throat are eliminated.

2. Carrot soup: Soup and broth are very effective for relieving cough.  Because it has the nutritional value of vegetables. In this case, carrot soup plays a very good role. Carrots contain vitamin C, which boosts immunity and works against sore throats.  It also contains beta carotene.  Eating raw carrots increases the sore throat.  However, cooked carrots are an excellent remedy for sore throats.

3. Egg fry: Protein and adequate vitamin B are needed to keep the body healthy.  Foods rich in this ingredient help relieve sore throat and pain.  It is easier to eat fried eggs or boiled eggs with butter or milk than Siddhar.  It is more delicious to eat mixed with dill or basil.  And works well.

4. Oatmeal: Hot oatmeal is not only helpful in digestion but it is also rich in nutrients as it is a grain.  Rich in fiber, magnesium, vitamin B and iron which help to keep the body healthy and relaxed.  If you don’t like to eat oatmeal, you can mix berries, strawberries etc. with it.  It will add extra antioxidants and vitamin C to the body.

To keep yourself healthy from corona virus, keep following the information below, inshaAllah you can get rid of corona virus,

 # .1 lemon

 # 1.5 glass of water


 # Elage, cinnamon

 # Ginger


 # Bay leaves

 # 2 Tea – Spoon mustard oil

Keep boiling the above ingredients in a pot for 10-15 minutes. When the boiling is over, keep boiling through the nose for 5-10 minutes.  Then keep drinking the water like tea.  Try to do these tasks 3-4 times a day regularly.

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