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Covid-19: Wrong way to exercise, can be fatal damage

Almost all the gyms in the country have been closed for several months due to the epidemic.  So many people are keeping themselves fit at home.

But did you know that forgetting the method of exercising as you wish can lead to serious danger!  So there are some things to keep in mind while exercising at home.

First you have to understand how much stress the body can take.  When you go to the gym or a yoga class, your trainer is there.  He tells you how much exercise you need or in what way.

But at home you are your own trainer.  So if you take extra stress in one day to stay fit, there may be unreasonable tension in different muscles of the body, there may be pain.  It can also cause muscle spasms.  Everyone’s body structure and ability to work is different.  So create your fitness plan by understanding your abilities.

Exercise time is very important!  Choosing a time like your own at home and starting physical exercise.  This can lead to serious danger!  After exercising in the afternoon, the next morning I felt a little tired and it could cause serious damage.  So choose a specific time of day for daily exercise.

Since you have a guide trainer in the gym.  Therefore, the method of exercise is less likely to be wrong.  But since you exercise at home the way you do, there is always the possibility of making a mistake.  So you have to pay extra attention to this.

Never exercise on a full stomach.  This can lead to serious digestive problems.  Other physical problems may also occur.

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