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How do you get rid of headaches-Causes & natural remedies 2021

what are the causes of severe headaches:  from drawing the house to sleeping late. There are numerous reasons why headaches can do. Top & Best 10 ways to main causes

what are symptoms of prostate cancer

What is the Prostate Cancer Foundation: Prostate cancer is the fourth most common in the world. And the second most common cancer among men. In keeping with the world cancer

How to prevent black Fungus infection | 7 ways

Don't panic around the world.  This virus has again given birth to a new disease called a black fungus.  Black fungus has created a new panic in Corona.  Although he

What mean to be positive for Covid-19 antibody test?

Does having antibodies mean you are safe? An antibody test will be a way to find out who has been infected with the coronavirus. And who is at risk And by

Three vitamins for healthy beautiful skin

Fruits, salads, not artificially prepared juices and foods rich in antioxidants, which will keep the skin naturally moist and radiant.No matter how much beauty is practiced, the skin does not

How to build a six-pack body with overall

In addition to staying healthy and strong, building a six pack body is the dream of many young people nowadays.  It doesn't matter what you look like, it is also

Skin problems from diabetes (Easy Treatment)

A recent study found that people who have diabetes and those who are on the verge of the disease are more likely to have skin problems. In today's report on

New 3 symptoms have been found in the coronavirus

Six months have passed since the coronavirus outbreak, but the rate has not dropped. On the contrary, there are reports of new infections every day. We first heard of coronavirus

Do these exercises at home to keep the body fit

Almost everyone is trapped in the epidemic corona-virus. Spending time lazily.  As a result, excess fat is accumulating in the body without work.  It is necessary to activate the immune

The best workout meals for before & after the workout

Best pre and post-workout meals: Workout helps to keep the body fit with an easy healthy lifestyle, even in the midst of coronary warfare and the busyness of life.  So,

Covid_19: Home Remedies for Sore Throat

what to eat with a sore throat? throat pain home remedies.. In addition to ginger-honey mixture or salt hot water, there are many foods that can help reduce sore throat

Covid-19: Foods beneficial for the lungs.

Covid-19 causes lung disease and damage. Let's find out how to keep the body easy healthy in daily life and how to keep the easy lungs healthy, strong and active. What

Multiple benefits of almonds (abdominal fat, heart ,etc.)

In addition to reducing the risk of heart disease, it also reduces abdominal fat. Excess belly fat is one of the main causes of heart disease.  So you can add

Covid-19: Wrong way to exercise, can be fatal damage

Almost all the gyms in the country have been closed for several months due to the epidemic.  So many people are keeping themselves fit at home. But did you know

Benefits & side effects of black coffee. Let’s Know.

Drinking caffeine-rich drinks can make you feel fresh, but drinking too much can be counterproductive. Black coffee is usually made by mixing coffee bean powder and water.  Some people mix

Healthy fruit: The best time to eat fruit. Let’s find out

Although the fruit is beneficial for the body, it should be eaten at the right time.You should eat seasonal fruits just like you eat three meals a day.  However, the

Caution against coronavirus & diabetes.Let’s find out

People with diabetes need to be more careful .This is not to say that people with diabetes have a higher risk of contracting the Corona virus.  Rather, these patients are

Covid-19: Virus symptoms & how this virus spreads.

What is Corona virus ?  Corona virus is a large family of many viruses that can cause illness in animals or humans.  Several coronaviruses are known to cause serious illnesses

Success stories of COVID19 of G M Masud -IbnSina

"This article was written at the request of many": -The suffocating condition of the disease began with sore throat on 14th May, body ache on 15th May and fever on

Lockdown can affect hair and skin ! Let’s find out

Staying at home in a lockdown does not mean that your skin and hair need no extra care.Proper care needs to be taken to keep skin and hair healthy even

The health of Ramadan! in lockdown, 14 essential tips to keep the body healthy

Locked down the house, a healthy body is needed to observe Ramadan properly.  And so, in addition to regular exercise, you need a nutritious food routine. It is also necessary

Important tips from scientist Dr. Bijan Kumar Sheel to survive corona

In 2003, a number of countries, including Singapore, were attacked by the SARS coronavirus-1, which has now turned into an epidemic. This is similar to SARS corona virus-1. The name

100% Treatment for Depression without medicine

   Sometimes we all feel sad, upset or depressed. Usually this feeling lasts for a couple of weeks and does not interfere with our daily life.Sometimes there is a cause

The secret to addressing North Korea’s corona is leaked

Death in geometric rate, how to protect the end of the world?Coronavirus has taken away one and a half million lives in just three months. When the news of the

Bill Gates’ coronavirus quote ‘ 2020 coronavirus nesw

In Bill Gates' view, can we really learn from Corona / Covid-1? I firmly believe that there is a spiritual or spiritual reason behind what happens in this world. I

How to take care of the navel of a male’s or female’s.

The navel (clinically mentioned because the umbilicus, colloquially mentioned because the belly button) could even be a protruding, flat, or hollowed area on the abdomen at the attachment site of

See The Benefits Of A Healthy Lifestyle

Everyone wants a healthier lifestyle and be ready to live an extended life. most people know they have to eat less and exercise more, but to measure a very healthy

Liver Damage Symptoms & How to Cleanse Your Liver!

So you want to know some liver damage symptoms and How to Cleanse Your Liver and Why It's Important For Your Health? Well they are several simple health issues that

Novel coronavirus symptoms & treatment 2020

A coronavirus is a kind of common virus that causes an infection in your nose, sinuses, or upper throat. Most coronaviruses are not dangerous. So follow now our useful Easy

How does Omega 3 Can Help Improve Your Brain

Omega-3s are considered a healthy fat that is critical to our brain and heart function, as well as our overall well-being. Our bodies cannot produce Omega-3s on their own at