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Bill Gates’ coronavirus quote ‘ 2020 coronavirus nesw

In Bill Gates’ view, can we really learn from Corona / Covid-1? I firmly believe that there is a spiritual or spiritual reason behind what happens in this world. I want to share with you my feelings about the Corona virus.

Bill gates coronavirus quote:

1) Despite our culture, religion, profession, financial condition, fame, etc., we are in fact the same. No matter how famous or powerful you may be – you can be in a difficult situation at any time. The virus explained this very well to us. If you don’t believe it – you can understand it by watching Tom Hanks or Prince Charles.

2) We are all very well connected with each other. Everything in the world is bound in one paragraph. The borderlines are really false. The virus explains how low their value is. You’ve got a good look – a visa for a virus to cross the border, The passport does not require anything.

3) If you feel this oppression in a short time at home – try to understand a little better – how is the life of those who have been through such torture all their life.

4) The value of one’s health is explained by this virus. But how much we neglect this health. Different types of chemicals do not eat food, we do not drink unless we drink. If we do not care about our body. But of course we will get sick.

5) Virus has explained – life is very short. Life can end at any time. The purpose of this short life is to take care of the elderly and children more. One group of them is preparing to leave the world for another to see the world. So, they have to spend more time. To save lives, buying toilet rolls and filling them in the house is not the purpose of life.

6) Virus reminds us -how selfish we are. Materialist, We have created a society of consumerism and luxury. At a critical moment, it is understood that the most essential things in life are food, water and medicine. Not expensive homes, cars and luxurious resorts. The most expensive house in the world, a car cannot save a person. Such as medicine – food and water.

7) The virus showed how much we neglected our family and our relatives. When we did not return home. Didn’t give your relatives time. The virus was forcibly returned to our loved ones. Create an opportunity to build strong relationships with loved ones.

8) Our real job is not just to be a servant of someone else but to do a job. This is why we were not created. The real work of human creation is – people will be on human side, people will protect people, people will benefit from people.

9) Proud of power, the pride of fame, The pretentiousness of wealth can be silenced at any time. Not to any great power. One of the smallest microbial viruses. The entire world can be taken aback by a virus unseen in the eyes. So we should always put all our egos in the middle of control.

10) We have full freedom of will. We will not be good or evil, be selfish or selfish, love or hate, will not help or take away, Whether I donate or accept, don’t help or oppress – everyone has complete freedom to do all these things. The crisis brings out the true nature of us.

11) The virus reminds us that we should be careful or just worried. This has happened in the past. So it is important to remember that no crisis in the world is lasting. Life will revolve. After each crisis, good times will come. This crisis will also be eliminated. The earth is not the end here. So we should not do too much harm to ourselves by being over-panic.

12) May we rectify ourselves. I can take education – this is not the end of the world. The beginning of a new world.

13) The rate at which the toilet roll was removed from the storage shelves. In the same way our oxygen donation is running out. We have to protect this forest. We will never be able to recover from ill health. Nature has to think of its own home. And if the house is sick, we will get sick too.

14) The virus reminds us again and again that we should not forget. By learning and correcting ourselves. Many people view the Corona virus as a great disaster. We really want to see this as a great character.

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