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Sometimes we all feel sad, upset or depressed. Usually this feeling lasts for a couple of weeks and does not interfere with our daily life.Sometimes there is a cause for sadness, sometimes there is no reason, we can usually deal with it on our own, sometimes talking to someone makes the mind a little lighter and no help is needed.

But if depression is a diseaseঃ

#These feelings do not want to be easy.

#It causes obstacles in everyday life

#Some more difficulties are highlighted below

How does depression feel?

Feelings of depression are much more intense than minor upsets. It lasts for many days. The general upset lasts for a few days or a few weeks, If there is depression, the mind stays upset for a few months. While not all of the symptoms described below are present, most cases of depression have at least five to six symptoms. 

The symptoms are shot:

  1. Feeling upset all the time, The evening side may feel a little better.
  2. I don’t want to do anything and I don’t like to do anything. 
  3. It takes time to decide what to do.
  4. Not being able to do the work you can easily do.
  5. Feeling very tired, very restless.
  6. Loss of appetite and weight loss are just the opposite in some cases. Eating increases and weight increases.
  7. It takes an hour or two to fall asleep, but then you wake up early in the morning.
  8. Reluctance to have sex is annoying
  9. Lack of confidence and loss of confidence.
  10. Lack of confidence and loss of confidence.
  11. Feeling we have ‘Run out of gas’ emotionally.
  12. Excluding others and thinking of suicide.
  13. Being depressed at any one time of the day is usually in the morning.
  14.  Feeling too lonely.

We try to keep busy all the time to get rid of this sadness. This makes us more tired. Then there is pain in various parts of our body, the head stays up all the time and we do not sleep.

In many cases these physical symptoms are the first signs of depression.

Let’s find out why:

Sometimes when you are upset, sometimes there is a reason for the upset, sometimes there is not. Depression is a disorder that is affecting more and more people.

In some cases it is very easy to understand because maybe for some reason frustration has come in life or maybe separation has lost something dear. In many cases there is no reason to look again. We say how the mind is doing or what is happening inside the chest.

What happens next in our lives:

Upset after a traumatic event Natural death of a loved one Divorce or loss of job is definitely the cause of sadness.If something like this happens then for a few weeks we just think about it and say it.If something like this happens then for a few weeks we just think about it and say it,Upset and doesn’t want to cut anything.


If we are alone, if we don’t have close friends, if we are obsessed with thoughts or if we are physically ill, we are more likely to have depression.

Physical illness:

Deterioration of the body increases the chances of a disease that can lead to death (Such as cancer or heart disease) The rate of depression is higher in that disease. Diseases that are long-term and difficult, such as arthritis or bronchitis, The rate of depression is higher.

Those who are relatively young may develop melanoma after a viral fever.


Many people who drink heavily become depressed. It is difficult to say which one has already started,Depression is not a disease.

Those who drink more alcohol are more likely to commit suicide.

Female or male:

Depression is more common in women. It may be that the boys do not want to admit that they are depressed. They keep the pain in their minds. Sometimes it is manifested by excessive drinking or physical injury. Women are more stressed because their life has to work indoors and out.


Depression often affects more than one family member.If one of your parents has depression, you are 8 times more likely to develop depression.

Depression is a mental illness:

Other people think that depression is a mental illness.As if people want to cause depression.

In fact, it is not at all, like all other diseases, it is also a disease.Extremely resilient people can also suffer from depression.If his medical needs are not criticized.Depression is not a mental illness.Even if the mental structure is strong, this disease can occur.Winston Churchill called it the Black Dog of Honor.

Let’s find out when to ask for help:

  • When you are feeling very upset and nothing is reducing depression.
  • When you are unable to work due to depression and do not have a normal relationship with your friends or relatives.
  • People are happier when the suicidal tendency is coming or it seems that you are not there.

First you tell your friend or relative about your problem.If this does not work, talk to your doctor.

Do whatever it takes to get rid of depression:

Do not hold yourself inside,If you have received any bad news or any emotional trauma, open your mind to someone close to you.Many times when you talk about sadness and cry about it, your mind becomes light.It is a normal process of relieving mental distress.

#Do more yourself:

You go out and take a short walk, you will be physically healthy and sleep will be better.Maybe you can’t do anything but physical well-being.Do some chores Maybe you did housework You changed the light bulb or you did a little bit of daily life.You will find a pause, even for a moment, from the distressing thoughts that overwhelm your mind.

#Eat and drink properly:

Depression can lead to weight loss and vitamin deficiencies.This leads to more depression.Maybe you don’t want to eat but try to eat a balanced diet as much as possible.Fresh fruits or vegetables are especially beneficial.

#Beware of alcohol:

Do not immerse yourself in alcohol to reduce suffering.Alcohol actually increases depression for a few hours but then more depression will come.Excessive drinking is harmful to the body. You are trying to avoid your problem.But in fact you should solve your problem with help if needed.

#Try to sleep:

Don’t worry about whether sleep will come or not.You can listen to the radio or watch TV while lying down.On the other hand, if you have a mind, you can easily relax and your sleep will come soon.

#Remedy for any cause:

If you know why you feel depressed, write it down.Then think about what you can do to remedy it.You can try the things that are possible.

Lastly, hope and remember, You are not alone, this is the feeling of many more people.Now it is hard to believe but this feeling will go away one day.You will gain more emotional strength when depression is gone.Will be able to deal with problems easily and the outlook will be more transparent.Maybe you can make some necessary changes in life that you have avoided before.

Stay healthy and stay well. This is a blessing for you and stay with us to get regular information.Thanks.    

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